1.1 These general terms and conditions (hereinafter

“T&Cs”) establish the terms and conditions that will apply to the access of the services offered by the website “”(hereinafter “the Website”). They apply in their entirety to the contracts concluded between the Parties in anticipation of any purchase on the Website.


1.2 The purchase of any products offered by the Website implies complete acceptance to these general terms and conditions.


1.3 The Website is edited by Mrs. Lucile OBRINGER SCHILD, sole proprietorship, registered under number A 814 762 126 in the Metz Companies Register, domiciled 30 rue de la VIEILLE CROIX 57530 ARS-LAQUENEXY (hereinafter “Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD or PREFACE BIJOUX, the business name of company”).


1.4 The purpose of the Website is to sell products designed, manufactured and / or marketed by Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD (hereinafter “the Products”) on which Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD owns all the marketing rights.




Customer: means any natural person acting on his/her behalf and using the Website to make a purchase.


Login details: means the username and password chosen or attributed to a Customer when registering on the Website.


Parties: means the Customers and Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD, under its trade name “PREFACE BIJOUX”.


Products: refers to all products offered for sale by Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD on the Website.


Refunds: refers to the reimbursement by Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD of all or part of his/her purchase to a Customer.


Website: refers to the website «».




3.1 Website registration requirements


3.1.1 Registration is realised by filling out an online form. Once the form has been completed and approved, the Website will send an e-mail confirming the user's request. Upon registration, the Customer agrees to provide accurate data, and is required to complete all mandatory fields listed on the registration form.


3.1.2 The Client must be an adult and must have the capacity to contract.


3.1.3 The Customer will then confirm his/her registration by clicking on the button provided for this purpose.


3.1.4 Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD shall accept the Customer’s registration. In this regard, Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD reserves the right to refuse registration to any Client who does not fulfil the conditions of good character, or who contravenes the values and ethics that Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD tries to convey, without the latter being required to give reasons for such refusal.


3.1.5 Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD is the sole decision-maker of the registrations she authorized, without any recourse or compensation of any kind whatsoever.


3.1.6 The Customer agrees not to create or use any account other than the one originally created, whether under his/her own identity or that of a third party. Any derogation from this rule must be the subject of an explicit request from the Customer and an express and specific authorization from Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD. The creation or use of new accounts under his/her own identity or that of third parties without having requested and obtained the authorization of Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD may result in the immediate suspension of the account of the Customer and of all the associated services.


3.1.7 The Customer guarantees that the information communicated by him/her on the Website is accurate, sincere and in conformity with reality. He/she undertakes to inform the PREFACE BIJOUX Customer Service without delay, if the information communicated at the time of registration is modified and, if necessary, to make such changes within his/her personal space.


3.1.8 Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD cannot be held liable for any technical problems and incidents that may arise and may result in the loss of data. Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD is only bound by a best effort obligation.


3.1.9 The Customer declares and guarantees that he/she is fully aware of the specificities and constraints that the use of Internet implies.


3.1.10 The equipment (computers, software, electronic means of communication, etc.) allowing access to the goods and services provided by Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD shall be borne exclusively by the Client, as well as the electronic communication costs incurred by their use.


3.1.11 Each Customer shall have the obligation to (i) comply with laws and regulations in force, (ii) behave fairly toward Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD and other visitors, (iii) respect the Intellectual Property Rights of the contents provided by Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD on the Website, (iv) only provide accurate and faithful data regarding his/her personal records and personal details, and (v) make no commitments to third parties.


3.1.12 If any violation of the conditions of access to the Website and of use of the goods and services provided on the Website should occur, Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD reserves the right to suspend access to the Website to the Customers concerned. Continuous and repeated violations entitle Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD to terminate these T&Cs regarding the Customer concerned.


3.1.13 At any time, a Customer may, by any means, apprise his/her will to unsubscribe from the Website, in which case the Customer Service will immediately delete his/her personal space and his/her Login details. The confirmation of the deregistration will be the subject of an e-mail addressed to the Customer in question.


3.2 Information and Login details


3.2.1 Following the creation of his/her account, the Customer will choose or will be assigned a username and a password (hereinafter "Login details") enabling him to access his personal space.


3.2.2 These Login details are personal and confidential. They may only be changed at the request of the Customer or at the discretion of Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD.


3.2.3 The Customer is solely and completely responsible for the use of his/her Login details and undertakes to do everything possible to keep them confidential and not to disclose them to anyone in any form and for whatever reason.


3.2.4 The Customer shall be held responsible for the use of his/her Login details by third parties or, actions or declarations made through his/her personal account, whether fraudulent or not and guarantees Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD against any request related.


3.2.5 Furthermore, Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD cannot be held responsible in the event of an impersonation of a Customer. If the latter has reasons to believe that a person is fraudulently using his/her Login details or his/her account, he must immediately contact the PREFACE BIJOUX Customer Service.


3.2.6 In the event of a loss or a theft of any Login details, the Customer shall be held responsible for any prejudicial consequence, and shall promptly edit his/her Login details.


3.2.7 If the Customer is aware of another person's access to his Personal Account, the Customer will immediately inform the Customer Service:

➢    By e-mail: to the following address;

➢    On the Website filling out an online contact form in the Customer Service interface.

➢    At the following phone number: +33 3 55 80 52 91 (non-overcharged call)


3.2.8 Any fraudulent use of the website, or any use which contravenes the T&Cs, will justify, at any time, the refusal to the Customer of the access to the Services or other features of the Website.




4.1 Data collection


4.1.1 The Website has been declared to the French National Commission on Informatics and Liberties under the following registration number: 2097808 v 0.


4.1.2 Only the persons who have clearly filling out the form with all information requested on the Website, have a valid e-mail address and have agreed to these General Terms and Conditions may be registered on the Website.


4.1.3 The Customer agrees to fill out the registration form in due form by providing accurate information to Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD who may end this registration at any time and without notice in the event of a violation by the Customer of his/her obligations.


4.1.4 This registration is necessary to take full advantage of the services provided by the Website, to be informed of PREFACE BIJOUX news and in particular of her latest creations. Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD may also ask to her Registered Customer for additional information during specific transactions such as games, surveys or promotional offers.


4.1.5 Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD is the only recipient of the personal data collected.


4.1.6 Furthermore, Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD may be required to disclose personal data when necessary for the identification, interrogation or prosecution of any person likely to harm or infringe (intentionally or unintentionally) to the rights or property of Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD, other Customers, or any other person who may be wrongfully affected by such activities.


4.1.7 If a Customer wants to sponsor a friend and provide PREFACE BIJOUX with contact details of this particular friend, the Customer undertakes to have previously obtained from that friend an express consent to allow the processing of his/her personal data by Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD. These data will only be used in order to send to this person, in the name and on the behalf of the Customer who provided the contact details, an e-mail informing him/her about the activity of PREFACE BIJOUXth and the Products displayed on the Website. Where necessary, the Client will provide information voluntarily and freely and under his/her exclusive responsibility and will inform Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD.


4.1.8 The Website has recourse to the use of "cookie" enabling the process of statistics and traffic information, which facilitate navigation and improve services for the ease of the Customer. The latter may oppose the collection of these "cookies" by configuring his/her navigation system. In order to facilitate navigation on the Website, it is recommended to enable “cookies” in the browser settings.


4.2  Confidentiality


4.2.1 The information provided by the Customer at the time of registration is not visible and is not communicated to other Customers. This information is protected by Login details.


4.2.2 Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD undertakes to use all necessary and due diligence to implement appropriate, technical and organizational measures to protect personal data.


4.3 Right of access and rectification


4.3.1 Under the French law "Informatique et Libertés", on IT and personal data, each Customer has access to his/her personal data, and has a right of rectification and opposition. The Customer may therefore require that any information regarding him/her that is inaccurate, incomplete, dubious or outdated be corrected, completed, clarified, updated or deleted.


4.3.2 To exercise his/her rights of rectification and opposition, the Customer can use his/her Personal Account at any time.


4.3.3 The personal data collected by Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD will be retained as long as the Customer is registered on the Website and for a maximum period of five (5) years from the data collection.


4.3.4 In the event of the termination of these T&Cs on the initiative of the Customer and provided that the request is expressly made by any means, the personal data regarding him/her shall be deleted without delay by Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD.




5.1 The Website is the exclusive property of Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD, which therefore holds all the intellectual property rights. Accordingly, its contents may not be altered, copied, distributed, reproduced, downloaded, posted, published, transmitted or sold in any form or by any means, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD.


5.2 All the trademarks, industrial design rights and copyrights attached to the creations provided or accessible via the Website, as well as all other intellectual property rights relating to Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD remain her exclusive property.


5.3 If the Customer infringes the rights of the aforementioned persons under these T&Cs, the other Party reserves the right to take all appropriate measures to put an end to such disorders. Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD also reserves the right to suspend or cancel the Customer's registration on the Website or to block his/her access.


5.4 If the Customer notices a violation of these rights, he/she is requested to inform Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD of these doings in accordance with the provisions of Article 18.


Article 6. PRODUCTS


6.1 Most Products offered by Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD on the Website are immediately available. Offers of the Products visible on the Website are valid while quantities last.


6.2 Photographs in the brochure are as faithful as possible but cannot ensure a perfect similarity with the offered Product.


6.3 In the fact sheets associated with each Product, a clear distinction is made between Products directly designed and manufactured by Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD, coming under the category "CREATION PREFACE JEWELS", and Products from creative suppliers, coming under the category "SELECTION PREFACE JEWELS".


6.4 The Customer has the possibility of directly contacting the Customer Service in order realise a made-to-order Product.


Article 7. ORDERS


7.1 When the Customer wants to purchase one or more Products of the Website, he must choose the desired quantity. Automatically, the Customer's shopping bag is updated.


7.2 In order to pay for any purchase, the Customer must go to his/her "Shopping Bag" tab and click on "Order". He/She is then redirected to a summary of the details of the order. If he/she wants to confirm it, the Customer needs to click on "Continue". He/She will then be invited to choose the delivery options as well as the payment terms. By clicking on "Confirmation", the Customer accepts these general terms and conditions.


7.3 Once the customer has received the confirmation of the purchase and payment, PREFACE BIJOUX sends to the latter, on the e-mail address he has specified, the confirmation that the purchase order is received, the summary of the order, the invoice, and a copy of the T&Cs in PDF format. The Customer will also receive an e-mail informing him of the sending of his order as well as the tracking number of his package.


7.4 The sale shall be regarded as concluded only once Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD has received the payment.


7.5 Invoices shall be transmitted to the Customer electronically, as well as in paper format upon delivery of the Products.


7.6 The Customer may request that the invoice shall be sent to a different address than the one of delivery. To do so, the Customer must send a request, before the delivery, to the customer service:

➢    By e-mail: to the following address;

➢    On the Website filling out an online contact form in the Customer Service interface.

➢    At the following phone number: +33 3 55 80 52 91 (non-overcharged call)


7.7 Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order from a Customer, in particular in the event of the Customer's insolvency, or in the event of a default on his/her payment regarding the Customer’s Order or a previous delivery or in the event of a dispute regarding the payment of a prior Order.


7.8 The mentions communicated by the Customer, when entering the information regarding his/her Order, engages the latter. Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD cannot be held liable for errors made by the Customer in the address details of the order (including delivery address, billing address) and delivery delays or inability to deliver the Products ordered subsequently to these errors.


7.9 In the event of the unavailability of a Product, Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD will inform the Customer by e-mail, as soon as possible, to cancel the order of the Product and refund the price, including delivery fees. If any part of the Products ordered by the Customer is unavailable, the other Products will be delivered to him/her and the Customer will be refunded the price of the missing product(s).


7.10 Purchase orders and invoices shall be archived on a reliable and durable basis which may be considered, notably, as evidence.


7.11 In accordance with the French law of March 13, 2000, the communication of the Customer's credit card details and the final confirmation of the Order are evidence of the Customer's agreement, the due date for payment of the purchase order, signature and express acceptance of all transactions carried out.


7.12 Communications, evidence and payments between the Customer and Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD may be proved through the computerized registry recorded in the seller’s computer systems under reasonable conditions of security. Purchase orders and invoices are archived on a reliable and durable medium considered, notably, as a means of proof.


Article 8. PRICES


8.1 The price is expressed in euro, excluding tax.


8.2 The price displayed for each Product presented on the Website does not include the delivery fees or the possible customs expenses in case of a sale outside the European Union.


8.3 The price indicated in the confirmation of the order is the final price. VAT does not apply under article 293 B of the French General Tax Code. This price includes the price of the Products, the costs of handling, packaging and preservation of the Products and the delivery fees.


8.4 Price reductions shall indicate for each product provided: the extent of the reduction, the Products or categories of Products concerned, the terms under which the discounts are granted, including the period during which the product or service is offered to a reduced price.


8.5 Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD may modify the price of the Products at any time, provided, however, that the price indicated in the order confirmation will be the only one applicable to the Customer.


Article 9. PAYMENT


9.1 The price charged to the Customer is indicated on the confirmation of the order sent by Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD.


9.2 The order shall be payed upfront by one of the means of payment proposed on the Website, on the day of the actual order. In accordance with article L 221-14 of the French Consumer Code, the Customer is clearly informed of his/her obligation to pay for the Product once the order is placed.


9.3 The Order confirmed by the Client will only be considered effective when the Secure Banking Center has agreed to the transaction and, if applicable, after the acceptance to take of any relative costs by the Insurer, and in all cases, when the payment has been received by Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD.


9.4 The Customer assures Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD that he/she has the requested authorizations to use the mean of payment chosen and acknowledges that the information given is evidence of his/her agreement to the sale as well as to all of sums due under the order.



10.1 The Products ordered remain the sole property of Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD until they are handed over to the carrier.


10.2 Any risk of loss or damage to the Products is transferred to the Customer when the latter or a third party designated by him/her, and other than the carrier proposed by the Website, physically takes possession of these Products.


Article 11. DELIVERY


11.1 After confirmation of the order and subject to full payment of the price of the order, Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD undertakes to deliver to the Customer the products ordered to the delivery address within the time indicated in the order confirmation. However, the deadlines communicated on the Website and when confirming the order are only indicative and correspond to the average processing time and delivering of the Products.


11.2 Preparation and shipment of the Products ordered by the Customer on the Website are generally dispatched within 5 and 10 days from the order. It should be noted that Orders placed on the Website on Friday afternoons, Saturdays or Sundays (Paris date and time zone) are processed the following Monday. Orders placed on the Website on a French public holiday other than Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are also processed on the next working day.


11.3 For information purposes only, the average delivery times from the dispatch of the order are as follows:


  •  5 to 7 working days with Colissimo for deliveries in Metropolitan France, Andorre and Monaco;
  • 7 to 10 working days with Colissimo for Overseas;
  • 5 to10 working days with Colissimo for international deliveries


11.4 Any changes in the delivery address made by the Customer after the registration of the order may cause an extension of the delivery time.


11.5 The Customer shall be informed by e-mail that his/her order is dispatched, and consequently, he/she shall be sent a tracking number of his/her order.


11.6 The Client agrees to settle, upon receipt, all taxes, duties and other fees existing or expected, due as a result of the delivery of the Products. Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD cannot be, at any time, jointly and severally liable with the Customer.


11.7 Free delivery fees on all orders over 89€ (excluding VAT), standard delivery without signature in mailbox.


11.8 Customers or recipients of theProducts shall refrain from any partial or total resale of the Products.


11.9 Delivery shall be made in accordance with the method of delivery selected by the Customer and at the address indicated by the latter, which may only be within the agreed geographical area.


11.10 Except specific request in writing or by e-mail addressed to Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD, informing her that the delivery time of the order is essential for the Customer, he/she is deemed not to consider this delivery time as an essential condition of the contract. Therefore, in the event of the failure to deliver within the thirty (30) working days aforementioned (except the particular delivery time mentioned in the order summary before its confirmation), the Customer cannot ask for the resolution of the sale for delivery delay without enjoining Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD to make the delivery within a reasonable additional period of time. In case of non-delivery within this new period of time, except in case of force majeure, the Customer can cancel the sale by sending a registered letter with recorded delivery addressed to the Customer Service of PREFACE BIJOUX at 30 rue de la Vieille Croix 57530 ARS-LAQUENEXY.


11.11 However, if the Customer had expressly notified Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD that the delivery time was an essential condition for the sale and if the delivery did not take place within the aforementioned period of thirty (30) working days (except particular delivery time mentioned in the Order summary prior to its finalization), the latter may directly cancel the sale in accordance with the conditions of the paragraph above, without first enjoining Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD to make the delivery within a reasonable additional time.


11.12 In the event of the termination of the contract of sale, Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD shall refund the Client for all sums paid, not later than fourteen (14) days after the date of the termination.


11.13 If the Customer receives the Products ordered after the termination of the contract, he will have to return them to Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD. The latter will then proceed to the refund of the Products and the return costs, as soon as they are received in their original packaging.


11.14 Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD cannot be held liable for delivery delays caused by a case of force majeure as defined by the established French caselaw regarding this matter, caused by a carrier chosen by the Customer or to the fault of a third party, or cause by an error of the Customer and/or the recipient when communicating his/her contact details.


11.15 The Customer is obliged to refuse a package whose packaging is opened or damaged.It is recommended to open the parcel, in order to check the Product before signing the carrier’s receipt. If the Customer has not received the product by hand, and he / she notices a missing or damaged product, he will have to notify in writing, within three (3) working days of receipt of the order his complaint to the customer service:

➢    By e-mail: to the following address;

➢    On the Website filling out an online contact form in the Customer Service interface.

Beyond this deadline, any complaints concerning a product which is missing or damaged will relieve Mrs OBRINGER SCHILD of all responsibilities.


11.16 In the event of apparent defects or errors on the Products delivered, the Customer has a right to return them. He must notify us within three (3) working days in accordance with the terms and conditions set out above.. In the event of the Customer Service agreeing to take back the products, it will result in the free replacement or the refund of the Products, but shall not include any damages.


11.17 However, Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD cannot be held liable for defects in the product which occurred during the shipping or in a case of force majeure, unforeseen circumstances case, customer's fault, or unavoidable and unforeseeable fault from a third party to the contract.


11.18 In the event that the Customer wishes the Products ordered to be delivered to two different addresses, it will be necessary that the latter passes two (2) distinct orders.




12.1 The Customer has fourteen (14) days from the receipt of the Products ordered to return them to the Customer Service for refund. PREFACE BIJOUX don't pratice having.


12.2 The request to cancel the contract must be submitted by filling out the form below. This form can be returned online at the following address: or by registered letter with recorded delivery to PREFACE BIJOUX - Customer Service - 30 rue de la Vieille Croix - 57530 ARS-LAQUENEXY.


12.3 In the event of cancellation, Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD shall refund the Customer for every payment received from him/her, including the standard delivery costs (corresponding to home delivery without signature) not later than fourteen (14) days of the request for cancellation. The same means of payment will be used as the one chosen by the Customer at the time of the initial order, unless it is expressly agreed on a different means.

12.4 Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD may postpone the refund until receipt of the Product(s) or until proof of the dispatch of the Product(s) is provided, the date taken on will be the first of these facts.


12.5 The Customer shall bear the direct costs of returning the Product(s) and shall be responsible for the depreciation of the value of the Product(s) subsequently to handlings.


12.6 The right of cancellation does not apply to the cases provided for by article L 221-28 of the French Consumer Code, including following cases:

➢    For hygiene purposes, earrings and jewellery with earrings will not be concerned;

➢    All Products created according to the Client's specifications or clearly personalized.






I hereby ……………………………………………………………………….[Name, First name], that I withdraw from the contract of sale of the following goods:


Name: …………………………………………........ Reference number: ……………………..

Name: …………………………………………........ Reference number: ……………………..

Name: …………………………………………........ Reference number: ……………………..


Date of order: …/…/……                                           Date of receipt: …/…/……

Order number: …………………………………………...

Client number: …………………………………………...

Address of the Customer:       ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………


Date and signature:



Article 13. LIABILITY


13.1 Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD disclaims any liability for the unlawful use or exploitation of all or part of the contents of the Website.


13.2 Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD shall not be held liable for any loss or damage the Customer may suffer as a result of the failure to disclose to Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD any precise information concerning his/her account or his/her own incapacity to securely preserve the confidentiality of his/her Login details.


13.3 The Website may contain hypertext links to other websites not owned or controlled by Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD. The latter does not exercise any control over the content, the privacy policies or the practices of the third-party websites and disclaims any responsibility related. Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD is not responsible for the availability of these external websites and resources and does not endorse any advertising, products or other materials appearing on these websites or external resources or even accessible from them.


13.4 Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD cannot be held liable for any act or omission, non-performance, partial performance or delay in the performance of the obligations in connection with the damage or loss suffered directly or indirectly by the Customer as a result of an act or omission of another Customer or any other person related to the Customer.


13.5 Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD shall not be held liable to any Customer or to any third party for any degradation, suspension or interruption of the Services accountable to Force Majeure as defined by the established French caselaw regarding this matter, to Customer or to a third party, as well as the unavoidable eventualities that may arise from the technical and complexity of the implementation of the Services.


13.6 Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD endeavours to keep the Website accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but is not bound by any obligation of result. Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD may therefore interrupt the access to the Website, including computer maintenance updating. Access may also be interrupted for any other reason. Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD cannot be held liable in any case for such interruptions and the consequences that may result for Customers or any third parties. Furthermore, Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD may terminate or modify the characteristics of the Website at any time without prior notice. Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD shall not be held responsible for any loss or deterioration of these data. Any information or advice provided by Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD cannot be interpreted as a guarantee.


13.7 Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD shall in no event be held liable for any damage whatsoever, whether as a contractual liability, quasi-delict liability or any other liability, for any action or fact occurring after the expiration or termination of these T&Cs.


13.8 Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD cannot be held liable for damages of any kind, whether material, immaterial or physical, which could result from the misuse or wear and tear of the Products.


Article 14. WARRANTY


14.1 All Products supplied by Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD benefit from the legal warranty provided under articles 1625 and following of the French Civil Code.


14.2 In the event of non-conformity or defects in the Product sold, it may be exchanged or refunded entirely or in part by Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD under the conditions aforementioned in Article 11.


14.3 Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD cannot be held liable for non-compliance with the laws and regulations in force in the country of reception, outside the European Union.


14.4 Moreover, Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD is not responsible for the following deterioration:

-       oxidation resulting from contact with perfumes, creams, hair sprays, or any other oxidizing agent.

-       degradation resulting from contact with water (bath, aquatic activities ...)


14.5 The Customer may contact Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD via the Customer Service:

➢    By e-mail: to the following address;

➢    On the Website filling out an online contact form in the Customer Service interface.

➢    At the following phone number: +33 3 55 80 52 91 (non-overcharged call)




15.1 These T&Cs shall be legally binding from the date of their publication on the Website and shall remain in force until modified in full or in part by Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD.


15.2 Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD reserves the right to modify these T&Cs at any time. The new terms and conditions are noticed by e-mail to all Customers at the e-mail address provided at registration. This notice shall be given not later than three (3) days before the amendments come into force.


15.3 Any Customer can refuse these amendments and must notify Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD by registered letter with recorded delivery before they come into force (date as per postmark) to the Customer Service: Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD, 30 rue de la Vieille Croix 57530 ARS-LAQUENEXY.


15.4 For want of notification to the Customer Service before the T&Cs come into force, the Customer shall be deemed to have accepted the amendments to the Contract.


15.5 These T&Cs may be terminated as of right:

-       by Customers, at any time with a prior notice of fifteen (15) calendar days. To do so, the notice of termination must be sent to Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD by registered letter with recorded delivery, to the following postal address: 30 rue de la Vieille Croix 57530 ARS-LAQUENEXY;

-       by Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD, at any time, with a prior notice of fifteen (15) calendar days.

-       by Mrs. OBRINGER SCHILD in the event of non-compliance by one of the Customers with the commitments made herein.


15.6 Termination implies the removal of the Login details.




In the event of any of the clauses of the T&Cs, is declared null and void, the clause shall be deemed to be unwritten, but shall not affect the validity of the remaining terms.The remainder will continue to be valid and enforceable.




17.1 These T&Cs are governed by French law.


17.2 Concerning any claim or dispute related to the validity, interpretation, performance or non-performance, suspension or termination of these T&Cs, the Parties shall use their best endeavours to reach an amicable solution. These disputes or claims may also be subject to Consumer mediation. However, the Client remains free to accept or refuse the use of this Consumer mediation.


17.3 The Customer can have to the list of Consumer Mediators via the following link:


17.4 Parties can also visit the European Dispute Resolution Platform via the following link:

17.5 Parties are not bound by the solution given by the mediator.


17.6 Any dispute or claim between the Parties concerning the interpretation or execution of these T&Cs, which cannot be settled out-of-court or using mediation, shall be brought before the competent courts within whose jurisdiction the domicile of the defendant or the place of performance of the Contract is located.


Article 18. CONTACT


18.1 To contact the Customer Service

➢    By e-mail: to the following address;

➢    On the Website filling out an online contact form in the Customer Service interface.

➢    At the following phone number: +33 3 55 80 52 91 (non-overcharged call).


18.2 The after-sales Service can be contacted, on working days:

➢    24h a day by e-mail, to the following address

➢    At the following phone number:  +33 3 55 80 52 91 (non-overcharged call).

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